How to maintain jewelry over time? does all that it can for you to receive high quality jewelry at attractive prices.

We use 18K gold plated, Sterling silver and 14K solid gold.

Please follow these instractions to keep your jewelry for many years

How to maintain gold-plated jewelry:

1. You may use it with water.
2. Avoid exposing the jewelry to cleaning detergent, sea, salt, chlorine, perfume.
3. Occasionally clean the item with a soft cloth.  Do not rub the item to avoid scratching or damaging it.
4. One of the most popular reasons for jewelry to blacken is perspiration.  Clean the item after exposure to extreme perspiration.
5. We recommend that you store the jewelry in a closed box. 
    You should separate the silver jewelry from the rest, seeing that silver tends to cause other jewelry to blacken.

How to maintain silver jewelry:

1. Avoid exposure to water due to copper oxidation.
2. Avoid exposing the jewelry to the following substances: perfume, cleaning detergent, swimming pool, chlorine and the sea.
3. Store the jewelry in a closed box, separated from the rest of the jewelry,
    because silver tends to oxidize when it comes into contact with other materials.
4. Cleaning silver – We recommend a material intended for cleaning silver, used with a soft and dry cloth.

How to maintain gold jewelry:

 1. Gold can be worn and exposed to any material: water, chlorine water, seawater and more.
2. Cleaning gold jewelry: Clean your jewelry and remove the layer of dirt accumulated to it. 
    This can be done with a substance dedicated to cleaning gold jewelry. 
    We recommend that you do not use strong chemicals, such as acids, or substances that are not specifically designed for cleaning gold.